2020 Public Service Innovation Fund


2020 Funding Call update
We are overwhelmed with the interest in the Innovation Fund. We have received 364 applications which represents a 168% increase over last year’s pilot. These projects will be evaluated over the course of the next month and we anticipate results will be announced in May.


About the Fund

The Public Service Innovation Fund is a competitive fund that aims to support innovative ideas from across public service organisations and turn them into a reality with funding available of up to €50,000. For exceptionally strong projects funding of up to €100,000 may be granted. It is important that projects have a strong focus on outcomes and impact. There should also be a focus on scalability, transferability and learning within the Public Service. Collaboration between public service organisations is encouraged.

Full details can be found in the 2020 Innovation Fund Information Guide.

Email for any further queries.

For information on the projects that were funded in 2019 see here.


Our Public Service 2020

Our Public Service 2020 is the policy framework designed to build on previous reforms while expanding the scope of reform to focus on these previous reforms while expanding the scope of reform to focus on collaboration, innovation and evaluation. For more information visit here.