Civil & Public Service Business Process Automation Collaboration Group

The Reform Delivery Office (RDO) maintains a collaborative network of Civil & Public Servants who have an association with RPA, A growing number of the people on this network have considerable experience in implementing a RPA project from the start to completion. The network can be accessed at RPA Forum

In addition to the forum above, the Reform Delivery Office maintains a list of Civil and Public Servants who are interested in RPA for the purposes of contacting them about upcoming RPA events. If you would like to have your name included in this list, please email with your name and organisation details.

RPA Pilot Study Final Report

This report outlines the steps taken in the pilot study and how the pilot was governed. It also gives good account of the experiences of the participant organisations.

Deloitte Guide to RPA

The link below contains a guide from Deloitte and covers the basics of both RPA and the framework agreement.

Process Suitability Check

The following form can be used to help with high-level discussions when assessing the suitability of a process to automation using RPA.

Presentations and Event Recordings

RPA Info Sessions Presentations

RPA Meet The Robots Presentations

RPA Event Recordings

External Resources

Some of the links are from academic and independent business sources who do not have a link to any particular RPA vendor. Others items are from specific vendors and there will be an element of advertisement in those articles or videos. The presence of such items on this website should not be taken as an endorcement of these particular companies or their products from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Educational Videos:

General Presentations

Key Contacts

Please note that the RPA Framework Agreement is only available to Civil and Public Service organisations. Semi-State organisations and private sector organisations are not included in the agreement.

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