Robotic Process Automation Resources

The links below are provided for the purposes of education and research on the topic of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Civil & Public Service Business Process Automation Collaboration Group

To encourage the development of network of RPA practitioners within the Public Services, there is an RPA Network Group that can be accessed from the dropdown menu available at this link.

External Resources

Some of the links are from academic and independent business sources who do not have a link to any particular RPA vendor. Others items are from specific vendors and there will be an element of advertisement in those articles or videos. The presence of such items on this website should not be taken as an endorsement of these particular companies or their products from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Educational Videos:

Research and Publications

Alternate Models of Service Delivery (AMDS) Resources

The links below are AMDS guides and resources. AMDS is also sometimes referred to as External Service Delivery (ESD)

ESD Introductory Booklet

Preliminary Business Case Templates

Preliminary Business Case Template (Dec 2013)

Preliminary Business Case Template – Financials (Dec 2013)


External Service Delivery Handbook

ESD Handbook 3rd Edition

The following templates are associated with the Handbook:


Debt Management Resources

Collections Guide Jan 2017 (link: 4.1.5 Collections-Guide-Jan-2017.pdf)

Collections Guide Jan 2017 Annex 1

Collections Guide Jan 2017 Annex 1 WORD

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