The Public Service Innovation Network aims to support the development of a culture of innovation across the Public Service. The membership is wide-ranging and our focus is on communicating key innovation messages and building enthusiasm for innovation across the Public Service. The Network will also form a mechanism to build skills in innovation and to provide the tools and resources to members. Successful innovation relies on connections between people and the sharing of ideas and experiences and we aim to enable these connections with the Network.

The Network will facilitate ongoing connections between people, teams and organisations where ideas and outputs are continually shared. The Network will evolve in line with the needs and goals of its members and we aim to deliver value to members. Although the membership will be diverse from all sectors of the Public Service we share a common purpose – to add value to society and to serve the public.

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Network Updates

The Atrium with 120 public servants in attendance for the 2nd network meeting

Innovation Network Meeting on 14th November

We held our second Public Service Innovation Network event in the Atrium in the Dept. Justice and Equality on November 14th. Over 120 Public Servants joined us for the event.

We heard from Pauline Mulligan, Assistant Secretary, Dept. Business, Enterprise and Innovation, who is the Sponsor of Action 6 under the Our Public Service Framework. This action is about promoting a culture of innovation in the public service. Pauline conveyed the importance of public service leaders signing up to the Innovation Declaration and how we should embed this language as part of our organisational commitment to innovation. Speaking about the other initiatives happening such as the Innovation Fund, the first public-service wide Innovation Week and the Innovation Network, she stressed how important it is for us to collaborate and engage in order to provide better services for the public.

David Smith from the NSSO followed and outlined Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how organisations can benefit from automating the right process. He put some myths to bed and explained how you don’t need to be an IT expert to implement RPA and that it’s a great way to remove backlogs and concentrate on more value added work. For more information of the RPA Framework that public service organisations can use click here.

Next up our colleague Mark Warren from the OGCIO, told us about the vision for the Government Digital Postbox. He encouraged all public service organisations to highlight areas that may be suitable to migrate to the Digital Postbox. It will be a service provided and funded by DPER therefore participating organisations can massively cut costs as well as make giant steps towards a paperless environment. This is a game-changer!

Our final contribution came from Dervilla O’Brien in the DCU Ryan Academy who brought us on a fantastic workshop to develop our influencing and networking skills. It is crucial to be able to convince people of the value of your innovation. Network members got homework so we look forward to hearing how everyone get on over the next few weeks!

Thanks also to Sinead O’Frighil, Innovation Rep from the Dept. of Education and Skills for talking through some of their exciting plans for Innovation Week.


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