The Public Service Innovation Network aims to support the development of a culture of innovation across the Public Service. The membership is wide-ranging and our focus is on communicating key innovation messages and building enthusiasm for innovation across the Public Service. The Network will also form a mechanism to build skills in innovation and to provide the tools and resources to members. Successful innovation relies on connections between people and the sharing of ideas and experiences and we aim to enable these connections with the Network.

The Network will facilitate ongoing connections between people, teams and organisations where ideas and outputs are continually shared. The Network will evolve in line with the needs and goals of its members and we aim to deliver value to members. Although the membership will be diverse from all sectors of the Public Service we share a common purpose – to add value to society and to serve the public.

The first Public Service Innovation Network meeting took place on 30th September in Tangent, Trinity’s Idea Workspace. Over 140 Public Servants from across sectors and the country descended on Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace for the inaugural event.

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A large crowd in attendance at Tangent


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