9th to 13th December, 2019

The first Public Service-wide Innovation Week took place from 9-13th December 2019 when all Public Service Organisations were asked to place a concentrated focus on innovation within their organisations for that week. Organisations could their own innovation weeks, organise innovation events such as hackathons, collaborate on initiatives or events with other organisations, invite speakers to discuss aspects of innovation, publish innovation-related material on their internal communications platforms and so on.

Innovation Week is an opportunity for organisations to use Innovation Week to drive the innovation agenda as part of a much larger effort in order to understand more about the imperative to innovate and also the opportunities to deliver better and more efficient services to the public.

The DPER Public Service Innovation Team is available to support organisations and liaise with nominated Innovation Reps by providing printed Innovation Week posters, email banners and other branding assets that can be used.

In addition, we ask nominated Innovation Reps to let us know of Innovation Week plans at innovation@per.gov.ie. We can then support promotional efforts through our social media and website.


Innovation Week Materials


Participate Poster Preview Collaborate Poster Preview Explore Poster Preview

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Pattern_ posters_Individual_FA (Print Ready)

Pattern_ posters_web (Web)

Pattern_ posters_FA (Print Ready)

Image of Innovation Week poster with blank space for own events

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Pattern_ posters_Blank_FA (Print Ready)

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Innovation Week GIFs (please click the image for downloadable GIF)

Email Banner for Innovation Week 3

Email Banner for Innovation Week 2

Email Banner for Innovation Week 1


Innovation Week Email Banners (please click the image for downloadable banner)

Innovation Week Logo

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Innovation Week Logo Guidelines


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