Framework Agreements have been put in place in conjunction with the Office of Government Procurement to assist public bodies with regard to drawing down open data training and procuring technical support for open data publishing such as assisting with data audits, anonymization of data and developing publication plans. Open Data training courses for public bodies has been provided by Urban Tide since September 2017 and the contract had been extended to Summer 2020. A number of publications and guides are available to assist public bodies in relation to open data publishing.

Open Data Portal In excess of 9,000 official open format data sets.

Open Data Engagement Fund


Competitive fund to encourage projects that use open data.

Open Data Training Details of Open Data training programmes.

Open Data Technical Support Framework agreement to provide technical support regarding the implementation of Ireland’s Open Data Initiative.

Open Data Publishers Guide Guide for existing and potential Open Data publishers, in particular Government Departments and public bodies who wish to publish Open Data on the portal.

General Resources and Publications General list of most relevant links regarding publications and resources.


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