Action 12: Embed strategic human resource management in the public service

Action 12, under Pillar 3 (Developing our people and organisations) of OPS2020 recommends the establishment of a SHRM leadership group of HR Leaders in the main civil and public sector organisations to lead implementation of the actions under the People and Organisation pillar:

This group will develop mechanisms on how to link HR policy and practice to strategic organisational priorities and report to the Public Service Leadership Board (PSLB).

An inaugural half day workshop of 40 senior HR Leaders drawn from across the Civil Service & Public Service took place in April 2019.

Four key questions were discussed on the day;

-How could a strategic HR Network add value across all public service sectors?

-What further thoughts do you have about the purpose of the Network? Can we build on existing Networks?

– If you were to be really ambitious about possibilities, what are your top three thoughts?


Broad themes emerging from the foundation meeting of the “Strategic HR Managers Network”


It was agreed that a small sub-group of 7/8 be established to discuss and agree Terms of Reference (ToRs) which would then be presented to the wider group in late summer for discussion, agreement and adoption.

A meeting took place in mid-June with discussions around where this Network could add value.

It was agreed that this Network might operate under an umbrella of ‘People & Culture’ with high level objectives of being ‘An employer of choice and shaping the workforce of the future’ – ensuring that outcomes are enabled by data/analytics.

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