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Innovation Fund (Draft)


Debt Management Best Practice

This Guide provides guidance for the application of best practice in debt management by public service bodies to help improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the collection of monies due while applying the high standards of public service: Collections Guide Jan 2017 A PDF and MS Word copy of the annex for the document above … Continued

Service Delivery Models

Welcome In 2017, the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform published a new policy framework Our Public Service 2020 that builds on previous reform programs. This new framework is based on three pillars: Delivering for our Public Innovating for our Future Developing Our People and Organisations The purpose of these pillars is to guide the … Continued

AMSD Resources

Service Delivery Model AMSD ExplainedAMSD Resources   We have recently published our introductory booklet on Alternative Models of Service Delivery. Please download a copy here: DPER-AMSD-FINAL-Published

AMSD Explained

Service Delivery Model AMSD ExplainedAMSD Resources   Traditional public sector models generally involve the direct delivery of services by government departments or agencies. We generally call this direct provision of services. Alternative models of service delivery extend beyond the direct provision of services by the public sector, to the private sector and/or not-for-profit organisations, undertaken … Continued

ESD eLearning

Service Delivery Model ESD ExplainedESD ResearchESD Resources   We are delighted to announce our new e-learning module. This module, which was commissioned by us and produced by the National Outsourcing Association, is based on our ESD Handbook Third Edition. This type of blended learning should assist those who have undertaken some study or training in … Continued

Lansdowne Road Agreement

Service Delivery Model ESD ExplainedESD ResearchESD Resources   Effects of the Lansdowne Road Agreement on External Service Delivery in the Irish Public Sector   (1) Pre-Lansdowne Road Arrangements Towards 2016, the Croke Park & Haddington Road Agreements: Section 28.9 of Part 2 (“Service Delivery Options”) of the Towards 2016 Agreement Towards 2016 Agreement highlighted the … Continued

ESD Resources

Service Delivery Model ESD ExplainedESD ResearchESD Resources   External Service Delivery We have developed a Preliminary Business Case Template and an External Service Delivery Handbook for use by Public Servants working on External Service Delivery evaluations and projects. Please note that the ESD Resources below are applicable and usable in relation to all new services … Continued

ESD Irish Examples

ESD Home ESD ResearchESD Resources   The characteristics of a service that is suitable for External Service Delivery (ESD) are: Involve high volumes of activity. Are rules based and have consistent requirements. Have predictable (even if it is variable) demand. Have measurable outputs or outcomes. Do not involve subjective decision making. If one or more … Continued