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Public Service Innovative Responses to Covid-19

Mixed Reality

Digital Reality Home Augmented RealityVirtual RealityMixed Reality   In the photo above, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Erisa Hines of JPL use Mixed Reality (MR) to explore the surface of Mars. The images of Mars are delivered by the NASA rover Curiosity. MR combines the best features of AR and VR and aims for a seamless blend … Continued

Augmented Reality

Digital Reality Home Augmented RealityVirtual RealityMixed Reality   The term Augmented Reality (AR) refers to technology that adds to your field of vision or hearing in a context relevant way, but doesn’t obscure what you can see and hear. It is extensively used in both entertainment, educational and training. One very topical example of AR … Continued

Digital Reality

Emerging Tech Home Augmented RealityVirtual RealityMixed Reality   The term Digital Reality (DR) is an umberella term to cover the terms Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. The difference between the terms is explained as follows. Augmented Reality (AR) adds to your field of vision but doesn’t obscure what you can see and hear. … Continued

Virtual Reality

Digital Reality Home Augmented RealityVirtual RealityMixed Reality   In several aspcts of the wider Public Service, Virtual Reality (VR) is being adopted as a training and educational tool. According to the Virtual Reality Society in the UK, the advantage of VR in training are: Little/no risk. Safe, controlled area. Realistic scenarios. Can be done remotely … Continued

Internet of Things

Emerging Tech Home   Brief History In 1982, a modified Coca Cola vending machine in Carnegie Mellon University became the first internet connected appliance. It was able to communicate when it needed to be restocked and the temperature of newly loaded drinks. While the above vending machine was essentially a playful gimmick for IT students, … Continued

Sensor Technology

Emerging Tech Home   Before the advent of sensor technology, collecting data was an expensive manual process. Trained people would need to go into the environment and record their observations before bringing them back to a central processing facility. Then their findings would need to be uploaded into a central repository. Not only was this … Continued

Revenue Chatbot

AI Home     In early 2018, the Irish Revenue Commissioners began investigating the potential of Artificial Intelligence to provide a more efficient, effective experience for customers using their telephony services. A pilot project was initiated to examine if AI based Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies could be used to deliver an improved customer service, … Continued

Artificial Intelligence

Emerging Tech Home   Artificial Intelligence – Brief History & Current Reality The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first mentioned at a conference in Dartmouth College in 1956 named “A Proposal for the DartMouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence“. For some years after the conference, AI promised a great deal and millions of USD … Continued

Emerging Technology

In today’s society, political leaders and the public in general expect the public services to use emerging technologies to reduce costs, create efficiencies, improve the quality of services, and where possible, deliver new services. While large Government Departments and front line Public Services such as the HSE are expected to adopt emerging technologies after due … Continued