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Innovation Declaration

All Public Service organisations are asked to opt in and declare their organisation’s commitment to promoting and developing a culture of innovation. As part of the Declaration, organisations commit to enabling, supporting and equipping public servants to innovate in their roles, and cultivate new partnerships and incorporate diverse views when designing and delivering services.  Please … Continued

Innovation Reps

We are asking all Public Service organisations to nominate an Innovation Representative. This person will take part in network events, promote innovation within the organisation and act as a liaison for the Reform and Delivery Office of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. Innovation Reps will also have a significant role in the development … Continued

Innovation Week

Save the dates – 9th to 13th December, 2019 The first Public Service-wide Innovation Week will take place from 9-13th December this year and all Public Service Organisations have been asked to place a concentrated focus on innovation within their organisations for that week. Organisations may wish to run their own innovation weeks, organise innovation … Continued


Event: Our People, Our Future: Building a Diverse and Innovative Public Service 30th October, 2019 Paul Reid, CEO, HSE opening the event   The Irish Public Service faces a change in demographics and a world of work that is less predictable.  This will require new ways of resourcing our organisations, fresh thinking, and novel approaches … Continued


The Project Management Handbook for the Civil Service is available at this link. A compilation of Case Studies on Programme and Project Management from the Public Service is available here.    


There is a maintained list of Project Managers from the Civil and Public Services hosted on the website This website is only available on Government Networks. Due to GDPR considerations, this list cannot at present be published on a public facing website. If you would like to be entered on this list, please email … Continued


  Initiative Measures of progress Identify pilot policy/ strategic projects to demonstrate the benefits of programme and project management A portfolio of exemplar case studies from across the public service is being put together. The action team decided that the use of real examples from across sectors would lead to greater understanding and buy-in across … Continued


Each of the actions of Our Public Service 2020 is progressed by an action team. Action teams are made up of sectoral experts led by a member of the Public Service Leadership Board and sponsored by a member of the Public Service Management Group. Click here for further information on the reporting structures of Our Public … Continued


Framework Agreements have been put in place in conjunction with the Office of Government Procurement to assist public bodies with regard to drawing down open data training and procuring technical support for open data publishing such as assisting with data audits, anonymization of data and developing publication plans. Open Data training courses for public bodies … Continued


Queries in relation to the National Data Infrastructure can be addressed to On foot of the launch of the Open Data Strategy, 2017-2022, the Head of each government department, agency and local authority was asked to nominate an Open Data Liaison Officer to act as the point of contact within their respective organisations in … Continued